Embodied Expansion

Hawaii Retreat

Powerful Sensitive Leaders, facilitators, healers, and ceremonialists come get resourced and acquire the tools you need to be fully comfortable handling the deep changes happening within yourself and within the people you serve.

Somatic Trauma Healing

Freedom Dances Communication

Vibrational Upgrade

Transformative Consciousness

Sacred Space and Ceremonies

Holistic Integration Holistic Nutrition

Self-care and Relaxation


You will come out of this journey with us refreshed and fully grounded in your own brilliance.

Your holistic transformation capacity will reach new levels of depth as you acquire new tools and anchor the confidence to take the people you serve to their next level of Healing.

Yemaya Indira brings her 33 years of expertise offering CPTSD and Trauma Healing Recovery internationally.

She specializes in teaching powerful sensitives to heal themselves and to thrive as they offer their gifts to the world.

She is joined by an exceptional team of guest teachers with the same level of excellence, integrity, and experience.

Our curriculum gives you the space to integrate the inner movement that will take place as you let yourself drop into the lush Hawaiian jungle and the compassionate embrace of our devoted team.

Somatic meets the Sacred

Foundation to Bones of Freedom -

Somatic Trauma Healing Bodywork ~ Rosen Method-based

Yemaya Indira

Founder of The Embrace

The Bones of Freedom Foundation

will deepen your ability to unlock your clients or groups' authentic feelings and to hold space for big transformation to happen.

You will become comfortable with the subtle and the vulnerable inside others as well as yourself.

You will feel empowered in your ability to listen, to be silent,

and to reach your aim when you share your wisdom.

( To read more on Bones of Freedom scroll all the way down )

Learn to:

  • Read the body’s emotional anatomy map.
  • Read the breath and translate its rhythms.
  • Touch with listening hands that open the body's deep protection patterns so that muscular and cellular memories can be released.
  • Ask the questions that bypass the Ego's defense mechanisms.
  • Hear the key phrases that open the door to someone’s authentic feelings.
  • Use every thread of awareness as a deepening into your own healing expansion.
  • Hold space for deep release in another.

Sacred Space Building, Sacred Heart Cave and

Vibrational Alignment

Yemaya Indira and Dr. Trish de Rocher

Sacred Space building -

Grounded in European shamanism and Wicca, we will experience and practice together the art of Sacred Space building and maintaining.

You will remember and anchor ceremonial practices to help you help others with impeccability.

Sacred Space Creation for Group rituals and mediation ( Yemaya )

To be able to hold a Sacred Space for oneself or to facilitate transformative work for a group or for partners in need of mediation requires a simple foundation in the Art of Magic

Sacred Heart Cave Practice - ( Trish )

The multidimensional portal of the Heart Chakra connects us with deep bodily knowing and access to our Divine Soul Blueprint. Through this guided meditation practice we will re-light your pilot light to connect you with the guidance of your Higher Self.

Vibrational Alignment and Tuning Forks - ( Trish )

Through the coherent vibration of tuning forks, we work to remove any unharmonious, dissonant, interference energy in your energy field so that you can restore your light and tune into your own unique frequency. You can expect to feel clearer, lighter, and brighter. More you.

Also used in group session for Vibrational Alignment.

Strengthening your boundaries with love and firmness in all situations

( Yemaya and Trish )

Somatic meets Culture

Intro to The Rise of the Edgewalker:

A Somatic Toolbox for Building Heart-Based Alliances

Trish De Rocher

Transforming Consciousness Founder

How do we come to the edge of each other’s battles and tenderest wounds?

How do we build social relations of equity and compassion without bypassing our collectively entangled, compromising, and often painful histories?

Trish offers to forge a new pathway through these seemingly irresolvable conundrums.

She invites a bridge between collective liberation theory and spiritual healing techniques to provide pragmatic, thoughtful, heart-centered approaches to address compounded, intergenerational cultural trauma.

Healing meets Movement

Freedom Dances with Yemaya

Freedom Dances was born from years of dancing Gabriel Roth's 5 Rhythms and

of sweating her prayers in modern tribal settings.

This Dance Medicine is infused with decades of spiritual and cultural wisdom practices.

We will free our instruments, turning our fiery or challenging expression into creative content and our contractions and inhibitions into ecstatic release.

Deep Alignment Yoga with Megan Cannon

Megan lives a life of yoga as she weaves in all 8 limbs of Yoga into her practice,

work and her greatest joy of mothering her 7 year old son.

At the age of 20, Megan asked, "God? If there is one? Please show yourself " !

Within hours was given her first translation of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra.

While working on her undergrad in Special Education at Western Washington University Megan studied extensively with top Iyengar teachers developing a strong foundation in the traditional Iyengar alignment based asana. After a 2 year apprenticeship she was accepted to study with the Iyengar family in Pune, India.

Her classes suits all levels and offer impeccable guidance even for those

recovering from injuries.

She will be our morning Asana practice instructor.

Ancient Medicines meet Expansion

Optional Classes and Events

( we will decide as a group )

* Plant Medicine Integration with Susanita Belen

* Traditional Native American Sweat Lodge

* Therapeutic Art Class

Healing Relationship with Food with Jamie Fries

Jamie will be our chef and will share her stories of healing with food and how to keep loving oneself even when the awareness that we are eating out of emotional

comfort need, or self-sabotage comes through.

She is most passionate about supporting local farmers, growing food, and being in deep connection and reverence to what is on our plate, and how we’re relating to our food.

She has been living on the Big Island for 5 years and knows the sources of her ingredients like the palm of her hand.

This retreat is for you!

- Are you in need of a different kind of resourcing? Of a space where you can fully let go of your responsibilities and dive deep within?

- Do you take pleasure in continuing to learn your craft by adding new medicine to your bundle?

- Do you perceive that there is an opportunity for you to expand into an even more refined and solid way of being, in both your personal and career path?

- Do you feel the global shift we are in the midst of and want to participate fully, setting this time aside to take care of YOU?

- Are you needing to slow down and become more intentional and magnetic in your day-to-day life?

If you are looking to acquire a certification in Trauma Healing Bodywork, Embodiment Trainings and the Restorative Arts, this retreat will give you the Foundation necessary to go to Level 1.

Our Values are:

  • Relaxation is a gateway to consciousness and healing for the body, soul and mind.
  • Integrity, integration, integrality, and coherence are at the core of our container and ability to “ hold space for self and others “.
  • All Hearts deserve to be held in Reverence.
  • We are to care for our planet and Her natural beauty as well as for Her creatures.
  • We understand how to walk a sacred walk on our beloved planet.
  • We are happy to share that wisdom.
  • In parallel, we are still students of the Great Mother and the Grand Father and make mistakes sometimes.
  • We have learned what we know through dedication to our human evolution, embracing our life assignments with courage - sometimes kicking and screaming in our youth- these days, mostly with grace and gratitude : )
  • We have studied with the best in our fields and are immensely grateful to have learned from some of the pioneers of the Somatic, Embodiment, Plant Medicine, and Global Culture world.

And For More Fun and Adventure:

  • Big Island excursion:
    Volcano night, Kona side beach fun, Waimea Town, and Hamakua Coast outing, with flexibility and coherent group decisions.

    Cacao, Hape and Purification Sweatlodge Ceremonies.
    Mermaid Pond Swimming.
    Qi Gong.
    Cohort Feast Night.

    - Private Somatic Bodywork add-on on availability.
    - Private Yoga sessions add-on on availability.
    - Private Quantum Intuitive Readings add-on on availability.

    Sunday Fun ALL Day- Puna Tribe style last day hurray!
    ( Ecstatic Dance, Song Circle, Drum Circle )
    8 nights / 9 days Jungle Retreats Bungalows, Organic Feast 3 Meals a day
    ( besides excursions days when only breakfast or brunch is served).

This Once in a Lifetime Offering:

  • 9 Days in the lush jungle of the big island of HawaiiLorem ipsum dolor sit amet
  • 3 Excursions
  • Daily Ceremonies and Morning Practises
  • Organic Gourmet Food
  • Airport Pick-up and Drop-off
  • Incredible Next-Level Teachings
  • Community Experience built on Authenticity, Heart Reverence and Sweetness


Is yours for $2666 with large double room occupancy by

( Reach out if you need to explore our

3 payments possibilities )

Single room option $3333

Glamping option for $1995

All included but Airlines Fares

and a couple meals when out in outings.

Our Kama'aina Commuter Option:

You will avoid an accomodation cost and will join us in the morning and leave in the evening. In order to keep the Retreat Group Coherence we are asking that you do enjoy our delicious meals, and that is built in your cost. Total is $1595.

We have 2 discounted scholarships for Youth ( under 23 ).

Please Inquire for the opportunity!

We are opening the group up to 12 participants only.

Make sure to book your FREE Consultation Call NOW!

Yemaya Indira ~

As an Empowerment Mentor, longtime Community Visionary, Soulful Embodiment birthing specialist, Grief Priestess and Somatic Trauma Healing Bodywork Teacher, Yemaya's purpose is in helping humanity to align in Freedom and in protection of the Earth's beauty.

She is an Intuitive Kinesthetic Empath with over 30 years of practice and expertise in the Healing Arts, Somatic Therapy ( Rosen Method ), Trauma Release Work, Eastern and Western Spirituality, Community Development and the Performing Arts.

Her latest continuing education credentials are with the NARM Institute ( Neuro Affective Relational Model ) for C-PTSD recovery, as a NARM-informed professional.


Trish De Rocher ~

Dr. Trish DeRocher is a metaphysical bridge-builder of Celtic ancestry walking a path of service to social healing and collective liberation. A frequency worker, multimodal educator, author, podcaster, and former professor, Trish lives for the both/and as a Heart Warrior, Edgewalker, and Spiritual Activist in the lineage of Gloria Anzaldúa.

Trish is passionate about working with changemakers, visionaries, and leaders to heal from intergenerational trauma so that they have full access to the gifts of their soul blueprint in this life expression.

She has completed trainings and certifications in Bhakti Yoga, Inner Alignment Coaching, Ayurveda, Biofield Tuning, Reiki, Druidry, Herbalism, Radical Dharma, and Somatic Abolitionism.

Trish currently lives on the Big Island of Hawai'i building out the Hale Iki Healing Sanctuary while undergoing a two year intensive apprenticeship in Indigenous Hawaiian energy healing.

Susanita Belen ~

Susanita is an ordained minister and a facilitator of interpersonal intimacy communications skills.

Mother to a sweet tween daughter, she is a ceremonialist, integration facilitator, medicine woman, has attended 26 births as a doula.

She has been a massage therapist since 2003, a belly dancer since 2005, and a long time meditator.

She loves singing, and bring indigenous Icaros to her journey work.

Susanita has been an organizer of myriad of gatherings and events, including the Love Rules Consent Pledge she created.

She is a trainee of Quadoshka, Conscious Sensuality, and Sacred Pelvic Massage. She has led and attended workshops and pujas at numerous Tantric events.

Megan Cannon ~

Megan studied extensively with top Iyengar teachers developing a strong foundation in the traditional Iyengar alignment based asana.

Upon receiving her National Iyengar Teacher Certificate, Megan moved to Hawaii where she taught as a Waldorf teacher and co-founded a Waldorf Inspired Charter School on the Big Island of Hawaii.

She returned to India multiple times and has been invited to teach and share her expertise in established YTTs in Hawaii, Bali and Goa.

She currently resides in Puna, Hawaii offering weekly yoga classes, YTTs and is very active in the Ecstatic Dance community and Malamalama Waldorf School.

Jamie Fries ~

Jamie Fries is a retreat chef, and has been homesteading on the Big Island of Hawaii for 5 years.

She is most passionate about supporting local farmers, growing food, and being in deep connection and reverence to what is on our plate, and how we’re relating to our food.

She is also a certified Mind-Body Eating Coach, and supports people in finding compassion for themselves through their relationship to food, and their bodies.

Jamie is an ally on your journey to loving yourself, and to developing a deeper relationship to the Earth and all it provides.

Accommodations and Surroundings

What is Bones of Freedom?

Bones of Freedom sessions open the whole being to a new freedom of choice and movement with the help of expert listening hands and precise communication which lastingly dismantle long-held unconscious patterns of Body and Mind.

Dive into the heart of the matter,

figuratively and literally.

Emotional trauma, physical restrictions, and protective attitudes are fully embraced in this compassionate and supportive body-based format.

Accepting what is with love,

we open to new possibilities.

Designing the lives we are truly meant to live is the next level of mentoring offered by The Embrace School.

Bones of Freedom is deeply based on the Rosen Method, the work of Marion Rosen as integrated through Yemaya's learning - 8 years - and practicing and teaching around the world for 30 years.

Physical Benefits:

Injury Recovery

Acute Pain Relief: Sciatica, Whiplash, Sacro-iliac joint issues

chronic tensions

Natural Realignment

Ultimate Freedom of Movement

Effortless Breathing

Emotional Benefits:

Anxiety, Depression, and Panic Attack Recovery

Trauma Healing

Aliveness and Vitality

Bones of Freedom Bodywork include a nervous system reset and an unwinding of the muscle groups that have created protective positioning to help us cope with pain, but in the long run, stifle our life force.

The verbal processing of the pain as the body is held in love and safety allows for it to be fully released (w)holistically.

The whole person realigns with freedom and

love into wholeness."

Each Client comes with their very

own story.

learn to reach the core of their deep tenderness, needs

and sorrows, to help them reach

their bliss and free their purpose.

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